Clippers hastag posts

Good news for Clipper Nation: Lou Williams (@louwillville) is shooting on the court with a smile on his face. His shot looks good too.

Parthenos Sylvia - Clipper

Famille : Nymphalidae Sous-famille : Limenitidinae Genre : Parthenos Papillons d'Amarante Serre aux papillons Col de Teil, Lesparrou, Arige, Pyrnes, France. Autres photos Papillons, araignes et inse


left to right, a 1954 packard clipper deluxe and a 1955 packard clipper. we found these in a wonderful lot at the rear of the packard museum in dayton, ohio, i'm guessing they're in line for restorati


(Parthenos sylvia cyaneus) - %u0DC4%u0DDC%u0DAC%u0DBD%u0DD2%u0DC3%u0DD2%u0DBA%u0DCF %u0DC0%u0DD2%u0DC1%u0DCF%u0DBD %u0DC3%u0DB8%u0DB1%u0DBD%u0DBA%u0DD9%u0D9A%u0DD2. %u0DC3%u0DD4%u0DBD%u0DB6 %u0DB1%u