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This year has been incredible. I’m so thankful for the positive year. I’ve managed to travel Asia and America this summer with my beautiful travel buddy @riaiharac ❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ With business it’s been
I make up the most elaborate excuses for why I can't do something. I can't work out today, my socks don't match. I can't share my work, it's not perfect yet. I can't write my book today, Mercury is i
99% of the population is in one of two categories of insanity. . The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. . The first kind of insane people are t


SHAKE IT BABY- - -SHAKE IT! I mean your camera of course! );-) Can a beautiful rear---really endear ?


Credits Top/Shorts: Cynful - Baewatch Hair/Cap: Beusy - Ashlie - @ K9 Gles: anxiety %NMO_MONDAY - @ The Arcade Bag: K{<3}P - Heart Fannypack Blue

GN 400 and 192

GN Hustle Muscle and little sister NW-5 192 pose at the 2009 Railfan Weekend in Duluth. Lighting by Glischinski, Terry, Smedley and Guss.


When life appears to be moving too fast, slow down. You're gonna need the overdue break. - Photo taken at Xi Men Ding, Taipei.


Union Pacific ES44ACs 7911 and 7738, SD70M 4843, and ES44AH 8263 hustle west with an intermodal as they hurtle along the Geneva Sub in the early evening.